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How to Use Events

Trigger the right Interactions, at the right place and time, with your customers by leveraging Events.

Understanding Events

Events are times and places within the app that allow you to see how customers are utilizing the app, such as completing a purchase or viewing a particular page. They’re also the trigger points used to determine who should receive a particular Interaction, like Notes, Surveys, and Ratings Prompts, and where to surface the Interaction.

Events are important because they allow for flexibility and granularity in segmenting customers for particular Interactions. For example, Events allow you to inform your entire customer base, at an appropriate time in their app experience, about a new app version, or to target only your most avid customers to obtain feedback on a new feature.

In this doc, you’ll learn about the WHO and WHERE components of Events, how to set up Events within Apptentive, and best practices for leveraging Events.

Using Events

There are two points to consider with regards to Events: WHO and WHERE. Events should help you determine who should be eligible for an Interaction, as well as where to display the Interaction.

  • Some examples of great WHO Events are completed_purchase and
  • WHERE Events should include close or back buttons, such as purchase_ confirmation_close or search_back_button

Which Events you set up will depend on your app. The general rule is to have Events that will enable you to send Interactions after your customers complete a task, rather than before.

Events Set Up

Events need to be called within the SDK by your developers in order for you to utilize them. To allow yourself flexibility in your interactions with customers, we recommend identifying at least 20 – 50 Events within the app before releasing it to an app store. Setting up many different Events gives you flexibility in which customer segments you target and where you show Interactions after your app has been released to the app stores. It’s important to share the naming conventions and locations of your Events between developers and product managers so everyone is clear on where each location is within your app. We created an Excel document you can use to get started.

We recommend using a similar naming convention, such as word_word, for all of your Events. Additionally, the naming convention should be descriptive of the action that takes place in the app (such as viewed_photos_back_button) instead of the Interaction you initially have in mind to display using that Event.

Once Events have been seeded, Apptentive will automatically track each instance of the Event being triggered within the app. These counts can be viewed by visiting Interactions > Events on the Apptentive account page for each app you have added to your Organization. Let’s take a look at this within the dashboard:

Events example

The default timeframe for Event count is 30-days; however, this can be changed simply by selecting different beginning and end dates on the upper right hand corner of the screen.

Events Examples

The perfect mobile moment to communicate with your customers varies based on function. Below are some Event examples organized by app category.


  • Performed search
  • Viewed item details
  • Item has been added to cart
  • Viewed cart
  • Purchase confirmed
  • Viewed profile
  • Purchase confirm back button


  • Viewed main menu
  • New game started
  • Level completed
  • Level quit
  • Completed game
  • Purchase confirmed
  • Viewed billing info screen

Utility (calculators, lists)

  • Viewed billing info screen
  • Paid bill
  • Bill pay back button

Content Creation

  • Viewed first edit screen after new project creation
  • Edits saved
  • Complete social share


  • Viewed featured show
  • Viewed content detail
  • Tapped play
  • Tapped stop mid-content
  • Content unavailable error


  • Viewed stream
  • Marked post as favorite
  • Viewed post detail
  • Viewed user profile
  • Published post
  • Canceled editing a post

Looking for More Assistance?

Now it’s your turn to get started with Events! If you’d like more guidance, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Our team is here to help answer any questions and assist you along the way. Please contact us at support@apptentive.com.

Updated on January 7, 2020

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