How to Use Notes

Use a Note to highlight new features, invite customers to take a survey, encourage app version upgrades, share a new piece of content, acknowledge if something goes wrong, make announcements, surprise and delight customers, offer promotions, and more. This article explains how to use Notes and shares our tips for best results.

Understanding Notes

Notes are a one-time message that enables you to engage a broad group of your customers. Use a Note to highlight new features, invite customers to take a survey, encourage app version upgrades, share a new piece of content, acknowledge if something goes wrong, make announcements, surprise and delight customers, offer promotions, and more.

Using Notes

Surprise & Delight

Notes enable you to engage customers who have completed a set of in-app activities. Whether the customer is engaging for the first time or is one of y our loyal customers, a Note can be used to reward loyalty and boost retention. Perhaps your customer made their first in-app purchase and you’d like to reward them with a 20% coupon off their next purchase, or they’ve reached a high score on the latest level of your game and you’d like to show them a preview of new level to keep them playing; in both cases, a Note is a great way to keep customers engaged.

notes-01 To reward through Notes, link one of the buttons in your Note to content, or to another part of your app. In the example below, the Note is linked to a coupon on a mobile-optimized web page (deeplink).

Teach & Learn

notes-02Notes make it easier than ever to solicit feedback. If you have a new feature in your app customers are experiencing for the first time, you can use a Note to gather feedback through a surv ey. Linking your Note to a survey offers you a chance to learn first-hand about the customer experience, and to help your customers learn more about the feature.


Whether you’d like to communicate to some or all your mobile customers, Notes can be used to alert your customer’s in-app. Notes give you the power to announce a new version or feature, promote a sister-app release, and so much more.

notes-03To launch an announcement Note, link the button in your Note directly to the App Store or Google Play, or link to a product-landing page. For example, this customer used a Note to encourage customers to upgrade to a new version of their app.


Unfortunately no one is perfect, and on the rare occasion that something goes wrong in your app (it crashes, something doesn’t load, a payment doesn’t go through, etc.), sending a Note to apologize to your customers can go a long way. In fact, 51% of customers who have a negative experience will respond positively if the company directly addresses the issue. A Note can be a great temporary fix before your next app release.

notes-04To launch an acknowledgment Note, identify common issues within your app and target events to them. A Note can help explain to your customers that you know of the problem and are addressing it.

Version Requirements

Notes are available using the Apptentive SDK: 1.7.2 for iOS or 1.7.0 for Android and above, though we recommend installing the latest release.

Best Practices

Right Mobile Moment

Depending on your message and what customers you’d like to reach, the key to delivering an impactful Note is to send it at the right mobile moment. When selecting customer targets who will receive the Note and choosing where it will be displayed, be thoughtful and minimize the disruption. Choose to display the Note at a time and place where customers will interact with it instead of simply dismissing it and moving on. The more Events you add within your app’s SDK, the greater the flexibility you’ll have to experiment with various locations.


Timing is Everything

Ensure you are not interacting with any one customer too frequently by adding additional parameters around how many Notes or Surveys each customer has seen over a given period of time. For instance, you may want to add a “Who” threshold to not show a Note to a customer if they have already seen another Note or Survey in at least fifteen days.

If you choose to link customers to a browser location outside of the app, be mindful of the customer experience on that page from a mobile device. Be sure that the page is optimized for mobile and that the link works properly.

Listen to what your customers are telling you by their actions in app and then use a Note to deliver the right message, to the right person, and at the right time. While you can direct your customers to a Survey, a deeplink, or elsewhere, just having the Dismiss button can be an effective way to get your message across as well.

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Updated on August 19, 2020

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