iOS SDK Release Notes

If you are upgrading from a previous version of the Apptentive iOS SDK, make sure you read our Migration Guide for each version between the version you are currently using, and the version you are upgrading to.


Bugs Fixed

  • Remove duplicate VoiceOver elements in Message Center
  • Fix a bug where Message Center placeholder text would disappear



  • Add property on configuration to disable writing debug logs to disk

Bugs Fixed

  • Fix a bug where upgrading the authentication credentials from very old SDK versions would fail on iOS 13 devices



  • Full support for iOS 14.
  • SDK framework now ships as an xcframework that includes simulator and device architectures.
  • SDK framework now includes a module map for easier imports.

Bugs Fixed

  • Fix issue with framework header imports.


Important: this was the initial release to support iOS 14. Further improvements have been made in more recent versions, which we recommend you use.


  • Version 5.3 adds support for iOS 14 and drops support for iOS versions prior to 10.3.
  • Building projects with Xcode 12 and later requires using this version or a later one.

Bugs Fixed

  • Fix an infinite loop/crash in Surveys on iOS 14 (when built with Xcode 12).
  • Fix deprecation warnings.
  • Fix a warning for framework headers included with double quotes.


Bugs Fixed

  • Fix a bug where a survey with missing/invalid answers loses all user selections on attempted submit.


Bugs Fixed

  • Revert change to thread sanitizer settings which could cause issues when testing on simulators.



  • Important for iOS 14: Use configuration profile to enable log monitor. This will avoid the pasting-from-clipboard notification for customers on iOS 14.
  • Post a notification when a survey is cancelled.

Bugs Fixed

  • Remove MobileCoreServices from the podspec to fix a deprecation warning.
  • Fix missing background color override for “Other” question text boxes in surveys.



  • Improve accessibility in surveys for VoiceOver users.



  • Add a configuration property to display terms and conditions.



  • Convert to full use of secure archiving/unarchiving.
  • Convert use of other deprecated APIs to use newest APIs where available.
  • Guard use of deprecated code with @available checks, and suppress warnings for newer deployment targets.
  • Warnings no longer automatically block compilation.



  • Add the ability to hide the About Apptentive (i) button from Message Center and Surveys.


Bugs Fixed

  • Fix a bug with gesture-driven dismissal of Message Center and Surveys.


Bugs Fixed

  • Fix a bug where running an app built with Xcode 10 on iOS 13 can result in unreadable (all-magenta) Survey and Message Center views.


Bugs Fixed

  • Work around an iOS bug where survey text fields could disappear.
  • Fix an issue where hidden messages (send with sendAttachment()) were visible in Message Center.


  • Explicitly set the protection level on Message Center attachments.
  • Also ask for name when Message Center requires an email address.


Bugs Fixed

  • Fix problem that required app relaunch to receive replies in Message Center.
  • Correct handling of event names that include any pound signs, percent signs, or slashes.



  • Add session identifier to help group events by session.

Bugs Fixed

  • Move core data completely off of main thread.
  • Explicitly set quality of service on background queues.


Bugs Fixed

  • Pause network requests when network is unreachable.
  • Fix survey layout warning on rotation from landscape to portrait.



  • Added preInteractionCallback to intercept interactions flow.



  • Add support for mParticle ID.
  • Remove obsolete ApptentiveDebugging framework target.
  • Add a method to allow updating a stale JWT.

Bugs Fixed

  • Prevent a crash if Apptentive singleton is accessed before calling register from Swift.



  • Add support for Apptimize integration.



  • Refine exponential backoff of network requests
  • Improve logging of targeting criteria evaluation

Bugs Fixed

  • Eliminate a redundant network request on initialization


Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed a race condition where two login operations could overlap, potentially causing a crash.


Bugs Fixed

  • Allow the SDK to recover from rare instances in which it gets stuck in an inconsistent state.
  • Fix static analyzer warnings.
  • Update CHANGELOG formatting.


Bugs Fixed

  • Scrolling fixes in Surveys.



  • Accessibility improvements for VoiceOver.



  • The engage method is now run asynchronously. Methods incorporating a callback are provided in case your app needs to be notified whether an interaction was displayed.
  • Nonessential network requests will not be run when your app is in the background.

Bugs Fixed

  • App launches to the background and exits from the background are no longer reported as launches and exits.
  • The Apptentive framework version now matches the SDK version.
  • A bug that stopped Updgrade Messages from displaying is fixed.
  • A rare crash when a network request is cancelled was fixed.
  • A bug causing messages to re-download was fixed.


Bugs Fixed

  • App launches to the background and exits from the background are no longer reported as launches and exits.
  • The Apptentive framework version now matches the SDK version.
  • A bug that stopped Updgrade Messages from displaying is fixed.
  • A rare crash when a network request is cancelled was fixed.
  • A bug causing messages to re-download was fixed.


Bugs Fixed

  • Fix rare crash in ApptentivePayloadSender when a request is cancelled
  • Fix About Apptentive and Upgrade Message layout on iPhone X



  • Improved accessibility of Surveys and Message center for the visually impaired
  • Added the ability to enable troubleshooting mode in the SDK, and easily email logs to Apptentive support

Bugs Fixed

  • Fix Message Center styling bug on iPhone X in landscape mode
  • Fix delay before events can be engaged when SDK initializes


Bugs Fixed

  • App launches to the background and exits from the background are no longer reported as launches and exits.
  • The Apptentive framework version now matches the SDK version.
  • A bug that stopped Updgrade Messages from displaying is fixed.
  • A rare crash when a network request is cancelled was fixed.
  • A bug causing messages to re-download was fixed.


Version 4.0.9 restores support for iOS 8 devices that was mistakenly removed in version 4.0.8.


Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed a rare crash in ApptentivePayloadSender when a network request is cancelled
  • Fixed the About Apptentive and Upgrade Message layouts on iPhone X


Version 4.0.7 updates Messsage Center and Surveys to adapt to the iPhone X
screen and fixes parts of the SDK that in rare instances could cause a
crash. It also adds a new method for better compatibility with the User
Notifications framework.


Version 4.0.6 creates a unified background task handler that should address several remaining issues with apps not exiting cleanly. It also prevents an app from crashing when the SDK is not able to intialize properly. Finally it fixes several instances where core data managed objects were being accessed on the wrong queue.


Version 4.0.5 fixes an error where a background task expiration handler was not called correctly, which could result in a crash. It also adds an experimental feature where passing nil for the view controller parameter of the engage method will present interactions in a new window.


Version 4.0.4 fixes a potential crash when exiting the app. It also fixes saving person name and email when they are supplied in message center, and improves accessibility for surveys.


Version 4.0.3 fixes a potential crash when decoding invalid JSON, and provides better error messaging for incorrect Apptentive App Key and Apptentive App Signature values. It also updates the URL used to send users to the App Store rating page for an app.


Version 4.0.2 fixes a potential deadlock when an app returns to the foreground.


Version 4.0.1 of the Apptentive iOS SDK fixes a number of minor issues with the previous release:

  • Custom device data is now properly preserved on the device
  • JWTs are no longer stored after a user logs out (previously they were stored but revoked on the server)
  • Certain legacy data now migrates properly (previously, in rare instances, it could cause the SDK to get stuck in an invalid state)


Version 4.0.0 adds the ability to pass customer authentication to Apptentive to protect and separate each customer’s personal information from one another. It uses a new method for initializing the SDK. There is also a new method (required for using push) to forward local notifications to the SDK. Static library support has been dropped in favor of a dynamic framework. There is a new runtime setting for log level, which defaults to INFO in all build configurations.


  • This release attempts to work around a crash experienced by a small number of users using the SKStoreReviewController feature of version 3.5.0 of the Apptentive iOS SDK by using selector-based APIs rather than block-based APIs for notification and timeout handling.


  • This release adds the capability to request a review using the SKStoreReviewController class added in iOS version 10.3.


  • Version 3.4.3 fixes a bug where push notifications could stop working after the cold relaunch of an app.


  • Version 3.4.2 addresses a number of minor bugs in the Apptentive iOS SDK and adds an internal method to close any open interactions programmatically.


  • This release fixes a couple of UI glitches in Surveys and Upgrade Messages. It also adds an accessibility label to the “About Apptentive” button in Surveys and corrects a problem where changes to the device might not be synchronized with the server when the app resumes.


  • This release fixes a handful of minor bugs in surveys and Message Center, as well as adding more robust version targeting.


  • This release fixes a bug that will under-count app launch events under some conditions


  • Support for the Carthage dependency manager
  • Binary framework now available to download
  • Simplified sub-project integration


  • Support for Swift 3
  • Ends support for iOS 7, and requires Xcode 8
  • Issue fixed where apiKey property has ambiguous transition into Swift 3
  • Several methods and properties have been updated to follow the Swift 3 API Design Guidelines
  • Several deprecation warnings have been fixed for projects targeting iOS 8 and later


  • Add support for iOS 10
  • Improved stability and reliability, and fixes a number of warnings when compiling with Xcode 8


  • Added an NPS question type to surveys
  • RTL language support improved in Message Center
  • You can now configure Log levels when integrating via CocoaPods with a pre-processor macro


  • Addressed an issue where initializing the Apptentive SDK after the app becomes active can lead to a crash in the Survey view controller
  • Fixed incorrect scrolling behavior when surveys are validated


  • Multiple choice survey questions can now include an answer type of “Other”, which allows users to enter their own answer.
  • The FeedbackDemo app has also been replaced with separate Demo and Example apps


  • New survey UI
  • New UI styling and customization features
Updated on June 16, 2021

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