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Apptentive Licenses Per Seat

Apptentive’s dashboard is licensed on a per-seat model based on the number of individual users who have access to it. For example, a 60-user per-seat license means that up to 60 individually named users can access the Apptentive dashboard.

Your Apptentive dashboard comes with immediate access for a select number of seats. Depending on your pricing tier and needs, additional seats may be added at a monthly flat fee to extend dashboard access to any team members who need it.

Who Needs a Seat?

Apptentive offers two levels of permissions for Apps within the Dashboard: Admins and Collaborators. Check out this document for more on the differences between permission levels.

There are different mixes of Admins and Collaborators within each company. Based on how current customers use and explore the Apptentive product, we recommend providing individual seat access to users across both groups for a variety of reasons.

Benefits of Seat Access

When more people on your team have individual access to the Apptentive dashboard, they feel more ownership over the results, which ultimately helps all groups across your organization rally around the same goal: listening to customers.

The ability for more team members to access Apptentive through an individual seat provides deeper value from our product. There are great benefits to accessing the Apptentive dashboard through an individual seat, including:

  • Enabling more parts of your business (teams, departments, product lines, etc.) to be connected to customers. The more visibility you give teammates across departments and through your executive team, the stronger the voice of your customers can be heard.
  • Being connected to customers in real-time by reacting to critical customer trends. You can make updates to your experience faster rather than waiting for reports to be sent around.
  • Putting the power of listening to customers into the hands of people who can act on the insights.
  • Having direct access to data to learn what customers are talking about—at scale. You can view and use reports on customer interactions, retention, activity, ratings, reviews, and more, even if you don’t need to communicate directly with customers.
  • Getting quantitative analysis of qualitative feedback that empowers you to make more customer-centric decisions.

Upgrade Your Seat Access

We want to help you get the most out of Apptentive, and oftentimes, that means expanding your reach directly. If you’d like to give seat access to more members of your team, we’re here to help you figure out how many seats you need to reach your goals.

To explore increasing the number of seats your company has access to, contact your Customer Success Manager directly, or reach out to support@apptentive.com.

Updated on January 22, 2020

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