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Making an APNs Certificate with Password

This documentation specifically refers to Apple’s Push Notifications.

We assume you have gone through the process of retrieving an SSL Certificate on a Mac. If you need assistance with this process, please refer to this well-written Apple tutorial.

The SSL Certificate that you download from the Apple Developer website will be named aps_production.cer. Double-click on it to install it in the Keychain Access application. The SSL certificate will be used by Apptentive to contact the APNs to send push notifications to your app.

Launch Keychain Assistant from your local Mac and from the ‘login’ keychain, filter by the ‘My Certificates’ category. You will see an expandable option called “Apple Production iOS Push Services.” Expand this and right click on “Apple Production iOS Push Services” -> Export “Apple Production iOS Push Services … .” Save this as apns-prod-cert as a p12, somewhere you can access it.

Export Certificate

Save Certificate
Enter the password for exporting (Apptentive requires you have a password):

Enter your usual admin password for your computer to confirm and finalize the export process:

Admin Password

Once you have your apns-dev-cert.p12, head over to be.apptentive.com, under Settings -> Integrations, where you’ll find our Notifications settings. Input your information into the Amazon SNS or Apptentive Push forms to begin using Apple Push with Apptentive.

Apptentive Integration

Updated on August 19, 2020

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