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Permissions: Admins & Collaborators


Apptentive offers two levels of permissions for Apps within the Dashboard: Admins and Collaborators. In addition, each Organization has a single Billing Contact. This document outlines the key differences between these roles. Please note that functionality available through the Dashboard varies by Apptentive plan and as a result all permissions below may not be applicable to your Apptentive account.


Collaborators have the following permissions for Apps within the Dashboard:

  • Full access to the information presented in the App Health reports, Reviews, and Topics. They may edit and create new Topics.
  • Read and respond to customers via Conversations including Group Messages.
  • Create, edit, clone, and pause Notes, and Surveys, and they may create and archive Events.
  • Export the data they have access to from the Dashboard.
  • Create Quick Responses.
  • View and Upload Translations.
  • Change their personal settings.
  • Access the app key and app signature.
  • View non-financial account usage metrics such as MAU and Interactions.


Admins have access to all functionality provided to Collaborators, as well as the following permissions for Apps within the Dashboard:

  • Edit and pause Love Dialog and Rating Dialog, as well as configure Message Center.
  • Configure, enable, and disable Integrations with third-party systems (such as Zendesk, or Push).
  • Edit App Settings such as name, App Store ID, platform, and icon.
  • Edit Support User display information.
  • Invite/add and remove access for other Admins and Collaborators to the App.
  • Delete Apps and all associated data for the App.

Organizational Billing Contacts

Organizational Billing Contacts have Admin-level access to all Apps within the Organization.  In addition, they have access to:

  • Billing details including adding or changing the associated credit card and plan level.
  • Delete the Organization, including all Apps and all associated data.
Updated on August 19, 2020

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