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Testing Your Apptentive Integration

This document will help you verify that Events and Interactions have been properly configured within your website.

Dedicated Test App

We recommend using a dedicated test app key when exploring Apptentive features.

Create a new app on your Apptentive dashboard, then find its API key in Settings -> API & Development -> Your API Key and follow the integration instructions.

Using a test API key will allow you to modify Apptentive settings without fear of annoying the users of your live website.

Testing Surveys

Surveys require you to create at least one Event.

Once you have created an Event, open your Apptentive account and go to Interactions -> Surveys. There, click New Survey, and fill out your test Survey content. On the final page, you will be able to choose the targeting information. To make sure the Survey shows up, only change the Select Event dropdown. In this dropdown, you should select the Event that you just created.

Once you have created the Survey, make sure that you clear your localStorage data on your website so that it is forced to download the latest Interactions, and trigger the Event that you chose for your Survey. You should see the Survey display.

Updated on March 27, 2017

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