Xcode Project Setup Guide

All of our client code is open source and available on GitHub.


We recommend integrating Apptentive using CocoaPods or Carthage. However you can also integrate Apptentive as a subproject of your app’s project if you prefer not to use a package manager.

Download Source Code

You can clone our iOS SDK using git: git clone https://github.com/apptentive/apptentive-ios.git. You can also download source code from our releases page.

Add Apptentive as Xcode Subproject

Once you have downloaded the repository, add it as a subproject to your Xcode project or workspace. Drag the Apptentive.xcodeproj project file (located in the Apptentive folder of our source code) into your Xcode project.

Add Linker Flag

  1. Select your Xcode project in the file navigator sidebar.
  2. Select your project in the sidebar and switch to the “Build Settings” tab.
  3. Search for the “Other Linker Flags” setting.
  4. Double click the Other Linker Flags row’s value area, on the right side. A pop-up should appear.
  5. Add the ObjC linker flag by pressing the “+” button:

Add Apptentive Framework

  1. Return to your Target’s “Build Phases” tab.
  2. Expand the “Target Dependencies” build phase.
  3. Add Apptentive.framework as a target dependency.
  4. Switch to your Target’s “General” tab.
  5. In the “Embedded Binaries” section, add Apptentive.framework.

Begin using Apptentive

Follow the steps here to begin using Apptentive.

Updated on August 19, 2020

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