Android 6.0.0 Release Notes

Please view our latest release notes below for the New Android 6.0 SDK.

6.0 Qualifications

  • You must not be currently using: Plug-Ins (ex: React Native, Cordova, mParticle, Xamarin, Flutter), Multi-User support, and/or encryption

If you fall into any of the buckets above, sit tight, as we will release plug-ins and multi-user support at a later date.


Version 6.0.1

Released on 1/11/2023

New Features

  • Push Notification support now available for Message Center


  • Added getPersonName and getPersonEmail functions
  • Improved Note links to support email and phone numbers
  • Improved ApptentiveActivityCallback to allow unregisterApptentiveActivityInfoCallback to be optional
  • Extended localization support


  • Fix right-to-left language support in Message Center

Known Issues and Limitations

  • Updated size and type constraints for hidden attachments in Message Center to ensure proper usage
  • Encryption is not yet supported
  • Client authentication (login/logout) is not yet supported

Version 6.0.0

Released on 11/2/2022

New Features


  • Dev supported interface customization
  • WCAG compliant interactions
  • Modernized theme based on Material Design

Known Limitations

  • minSDKVersion is now 21
  • Encryption is not yet supported (if you previously used the shouldEncryptStorage property, please hold off on migrating until version 6.0.1 is released)
  • Client authentication (login/logout) is not yet supported
  • Push notifications for Message Center is not yet supported

Supporting Documentation

Version 6.0.0-beta02

Released on 6/22/2022


  • Interface customization UI additions

New Features

Version 6.0.0-beta01

Released on 5/4/2022

NEW SDK Updates

  • Ground-up rewrite of the legacy Apptentive Android SDK in Kotlin using modern programming practices
  • Modular-based SDK
  • New Feature: Interaction Response Targeting
  • Updated look & feel for “out of the box” UI — WCAG compliant
  • Dark Mode is supported
  • Additional in-depth interaction customization options are available
  • Minimum Supported Android version is now Android 5.0 (API level 21)
  • Callback types are different when you engage events and when you register the SDK — allowing more flexibility in where you can call engage events

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Updated on January 12, 2023

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