Download Center

The Download Center is the central place to view and export any downloads you have initiated on your Apptentive data across all the apps you have access to.

How to Use

The Download Center is located on the top navigation bar after selecting the following icon:

The Download Center is the central place to retrieve exports of the following data across your Apps once you initiate them from their respective areas of the Apptentive dashboard: Surveys, Translations, App Health, All Apps Rollup, Conversations. Please note that any downloads for Insights will go directly to the browser.

Once you initiate a download you will be notified when it has started, completed, or failed underneath the Download Center icon on the navigation bar.

The Download Center icon will have a red circle around it to indicate when there are new downloads waiting for you to view. If the download fails to complete we recommend to manually retry the download again.

On the Download Center page itself, you will be able to view the status of all available downloads which can be either: completed, in-progress, or failed. Each download type will be located in it’s table which you can search by file name, and sort and filter as well.

All completed downloads can be exported by selecting the checkbox next to them and then selecting the download icon.

You can also delete completed downloads as well, once you are done exporting them, to keep your downloads list clean. Otherwise, they will automatically be deleted 90 days after they have become available.

Updated on February 15, 2022

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